05 Mar

  • By Neal Davies

On Thursday 13th the 6th Form traveled up to Castle Bromwich, near Birmingham along with Neal & Lorraine Davies and Mr Simon Baker.  The purpose of the trip was to visit the Jaguar Land Rover manufacturing plant.  The Castle Bromwich factory is currently the only place in the world where the Jaguar is built, exporting 80-85% of all the products made there.  The students enjoyed an interesting introduction in the education centre where the background of the company was explained.  This included how the company came near to an end under the ownership of Ford until, in 2007, but the Indian company Tatar came to their rescue and invested significant amounts of money into Jaguar Land Rover marketing.  The students were then divided into three groups and were taken on a tour around the XJ production line to see the stunning efficiency of how a manufacturing plant of this size actually operates.  The students were filled with outstanding figures, often unbelievably large, and saw how these impressive cars took their shape.