24 May

  • By hleflaive

Year 7 visited Chepstow Castle on 13th April as part of their unit on The Norman invasion and conquest. We were led by our guide Neil who showed great expertise in castles and The Normans. Our guide described the key features of castles and was able to explain why Chepstow was such as brilliant and impenetrable castle from its barbican and murder holes to the thick walls and cliff face. The highlight was the weapons display with the crossbow and swords. The guide said that you would need the weight of a polar bear to pull back the crossbow string!  He was also able to show different attacking and defensive moves, disarming Mr Bernice with one finger! He also used the  swords to chop bottles into small pieces. After the trip  Mr Bernice said that Year 7 were extremely well behaved and had managed to answer a  lot of the questions.

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