10 Jul

  • By rnaylor

A few weeks ago, Year 7, Mrs White, Mr Bernice, Mrs Newman and Mrs Biggs went to the M Shed. Our journey included a walk along the docks. There was an exhibition about historical life in Bristol. We did a workshop where you dipped your hand into a straw bag and had to guess what it was which was very scary as we were worried about what was in there. Then we had to describe the item to the rest of the class who then guessed what it was.

The next game was to guess what the person’s job was based on the contents of their old fashioned trunk.  We walked around the museum but got slightly lost. There was a huge map of Bristol on the floor and the class tried to find their houses. Also there was an old bomb shelter with scary sound effects which made us jump.

Then we got on the mini-bus and arrived back in school ten minutes before the day ended.

By Milly and Bonnie

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