16 Jun

  • By rnaylor

On Thursday 15th June year 7 visited The John Moore Museum in Tewkesbury as part of their SDL work on the Tudors. During the trip students visited the Merchant’s house and learnt about living conditions for middle class Tudors. The students were surprised at how small their houses were and would definitely not have enjoyed the whole family sleeping in the same room! We also visited the Baptist Chapel and learnt about the gruesome work of the Tudor barber surgeon. Poor Romain had to have an amputation following his battle wound and Carling bravely volunteered to be a plague doctor. Finally we learnt how Tudor houses were made – the houses we looked at on the day were over 600 years old! Warrior team won the ‘wattle and daub’ race. Year 7 were perfectly behaved and Mr Bernice and Dr Nield were impressed with the involvement and knowledge of a great deal of the students.