20 Oct

  • By rnaylor

On October 13th 2016, Year 5 visited Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre. We were visiting Slimbridge because our topic is called “There’s no place like home” and we wanted to learn about why Berwick swans leave their homes to travel thousands of miles to new countries every year – this is called migration.

Some quotes from our class about the trip:

“We climbed up all seventy steps in the Sloane Tower so we could see all the birds. When we got up there, what a sight there was to see! There were beautiful pink Caribbean Flamingos, soft, white swans, Canadian geese and the greedy Greylag’s (geese). We called them greedy Greylags for a reason – no table manners!”

Lyle Pocock

“We went up to the look-out tower and there were seventy steps – it was hard work. You could see over the lakes and what amazed me was that you could also see the River Severn!”

Harry Tennent

“After lunch, we rushed back to the education centre to see and hold the amphibians. The first one I held was the French Fire Salamander. Julie explained that one boy had described it as a burnt sausage with mustard on it!

Wayne Tallamy

“We went to a workshop where a lady called Julie taught us about where swans live and where they fly to for the winter. We played a game where we were turned into swans and had to collect energy tokens for our journey. Then we went into the discovery hide and saw lots of wild birds through the huge windows. Using our binoculars we could see them really closely!”

Molton Smith

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