29 Sep

  • By rnaylor

Year five have been finding out about Dick King-Smith and the stories he has written before writing stories in a similar style themselves. Here is some of their work so far:


Dick King Smith

Dick King-Smith was born on the 27th March, in Bitten, Gloucestershire, England. Dick King-Smith was his pen name (not his actual name). his real name is Ronald Gordon King-Smith. He grew up with one older sister and two younger sisters.

Dick went to Beaudesert School for his early education, later he went off to college. The college he went to was Marlborough College, a famous public college.

After he had finished college, he married Mryle and they had three children: Giles, Lizzie and Juliet. Surprisingly, Dick had fourteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. He even had one great-great grandchild! Sadly Mryle passed away.

When Dick left school he worked in his family’s paper mill. Then he decided to retire and went to sell fire equipment! As people probably know, yet again, he left that job and went back to working on his farm. Unfortunately, his farm was forced to close down. That was the moment he decided to become a teacher and become attracted to books. Once he started writing them, he couldn’t stop!

Dick King-Smith used to go to the very top of Diamond Cottage (his house) and would sit down and draft his stories on a piece of scrap paper. He was awarded the O.B.E. (Order of the British Empire) in 2010.

Sorrowfully, Dick King-Smith died in 2011 at the age of eighty-eight – one year after he was awarded the O.B.E. He left amazing and funny books for us to enjoy. I think two of my favourite books are “Sophie and the Snail” and “A Mouse called Wolf”. Everybody should like these books, especially youngsters.

by Leila Holley


Wayne Tallamy successfully summarized a story the class were familiar with last year:

“The Hodgeheg” by Dick King-Smith

The story is mainly about Max, who is a hedgehog. He lives in the garden of someone’s house. He wants to cross the road to see what is on the other side but when he tried to walk across a lorry went straight over him! Thankfully, none of the wheels went over his body, but he was so shocked that he rolled himself up into a ball. A bit later, a bicycle went over him. This hurt him a bit and made him say words back to front. Also, he couldn’t find his way home! As he walks through the park he meets another hedgehog who eventually manages to figure out what Max is saying so he finds his way home in the end.


Kozena Botterill has looked at a variety of Dick King-Smith stories and decided that she might like to read this one:

“A mouse calledWolf” by Dick King-Smith

I would like to read this book because it seems mysterious and funny. It sounds like Wold is a musical mouse because of the picture on the cover. I think he is a well talented piano player and singer. I think other mice might be jealous of his musical ways. I also think he might live in a piano.