08 Jan

  • By hleflaive

On the 11th of November, the Year 12 AS Geography students were due to go on a field trip.

The students departed the school after break time.  The first event of the trip involved visiting the source of the Little Avon River in nearby Wickwar. Depth, width and the river flow were measured, involving the students having to enter the freezing river. One student said that he was very grateful for his waders, as he was able to brave the waters without fear of pneumonia.

This was followed by visits to Damery (near Michael Wood) and Berekeley Pill (near the mouth of the Little Avon), to carry out the same measurements in order to complete their trip.

During the course of the trip, an unidentified object was discovered on the river bed. According to Oscar Holley, a geography student, this was a ‘WW2 mine’. However this was hotly disputed among the group, with others saying it was just a car battery, and not a highly unstable munition.

Despite this brief interruption, the trip had been successful.