09 Nov

  • By rnaylor

Year 10 are currently in the process of completing their controlled assessment for Citizenship. For their controlled assessment they need to raise awareness of and advocate for a chosen charity. A number of students have already starting raising awareness and some have Year 10 Citizenship On Tuesday 3 rd November Berkeley Campus heard from the candidates for Head Boy and Head Girl. 9 students gave speeches for the positions to the rest of the school during assembly. Many staff and students commented afterwards on how excellent the speeches had been and how well prepared. Voting has now started for Berkeley Head Boy and Head Girl even started fund raising as well. Last term Lorenzo Smith, Roland Nunn, Campbell Turner and Carlos Holley started raising money for Help For Heroes by selling items to the Primary. They will follow this work up later in the term by delivering a lesson to some Primary classes on the charity. Lynton Devenish, Roscoe Baker, Donovan Biggs and Brendan Pavey have also started raising money for their charity – Great Western Air Ambulance. Last term they started a raffle and held a ‘throw-the-sponge’ event at lunch time. They hope to follow this up later this term by inviting in Great Western Air Ambulance.