10 Dec

  • By rnaylor

On the 30th November, a small group of Year 12 and 13 students went to Tesco to ask customers to donate food or money to the food bank so homeless people can have a Christmas dinner and provide for and celebrate Christmas with their families.

The afternoon started with a briefing from a Tesco staff member on how we should approach people and what we had to do, which included asking people who were coming in to the shop if they would donate some food, make a money donation, or do both! Then the task began by handing out a suggested shopping list which consisted of foods that were powdered, tinned and dried so that they would keep for a longer length of time. Then once the customers had bought the food they were going to donate, it was put into a large trolley. We did this for about 2 ½ hours and we manged to fill the trolley up to the brim 3 ½ times!

At 2:15 we were given £80 from the donations and went shopping to buy the goods that were on the list but in the budget and then donate the food we brought. We bought things like pasta, rice, noodles, tinned fruits, tea and baked beans. Tesco were highly grateful of this and thanked us for what a great job we had done.

By Harriette