09 Feb

  • By hleflaive

For the last 3 weeks the first table tennis tournament has been held at Berkeley Campus. The games were during break times and lunchtimes, twice a week. The tournament was split into four categories, younger boys, younger girls, older boys and older girls. Each match consisted of 3 games.  The battles raged, and as competitors were eliminated the tension exacerbated, each game attracting more and more attention. In the younger boys’ competition, a much anticipated final between Brad and Kent was fought down to the last point, with Brad becoming the eventual champion. Similarly, the older girls’ title was taken triumphantly by Hannah Mitchell after ruthlessly destroying her opponents all throughout the tournament. The older boys and younger girl’s tournaments have not finished as at this date. So we are waiting in great expectation at the results that these will bring. The winners of these two great events will be announced in the next issue.  Overall the tournaments have been a resounding success and hopefully there will be many replications of this in the coming years.

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