20 Jan

  • By rnaylor

Last assembly, we had a visit from one of the school’s nearest neighbour Mr Richard Silvey who resides at Wanswell Court down the lane beside the school. Mr Silvey has been very accommodating over the years we have used the school – letting us use his land for the annual cross country run. Mr Silvey began by telling us about his school life and university experiences before moving on to veterinary practise in Gloucestershire. This job was to lead to the peak of his career when in 1973 he was invited to Bahrain by the Emir himself to look after his highnesses horses. Mr Silvey spent many happy years in the middle east and shared a variety of experiences – from being a chaperone for the emir’s son while attending university in the US to learning Arabic – gaining a large knowledge of the local history and traditions in the process. He later returned to England and now works for the government containing and controlling TB in cattle. After his speech, Mr Silvey answered questions from the audience providing interesting information on the middle east. We very much enjoyed Mr Silvey’s visit and he was interested to visit the school and have a look around inside.

Following this informative speech, Dan Jones gave the school a balanced speech on the ISIS and their threats to the world.