08 Jan

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On Friday 18th of December the students of Berkeley Campus met at Combe Dingle Sports Complex for the end of term tournament day. The day started with a warm up and a briefing from the coaches about agenda for the day. Then it all kicked off. At the group stage every team played each other once. The point system was 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and none for a loss. You also gained a point for every goal that you scored.

The games progressed and it became clear that Oldbury and Woodford were clearly superior; Charfield and Tortworth were lacking several key players due to sickness and other reasons. The yellows (Tortworth) were especially disadvantaged having lost nearly their whole first team and relying heavily on substitutes from the younger years. Nonetheless, they played determinedly and managed a 2-2 draw against the powerful greens (Woodford) team in their first game.

As the games wore on however, Woodford and Oldbury emerged as finalists while Charfield and Tortworth battled for 3rd place. The semi-final was dramatic. After establishing a 7-nil lead on Tortworth, Charfield let in 2 before going on to score another. With the score at 8-2, Charfield had secured 3rd place by a large margin.

Now came the tensest moment of the day. The two teams stood squaring up to each other as the whistle blew and the game was on. After battling in a stalemate for 6 minutes, Larson Hext sizzled in a sneaky shot that left the Woodford keeper baffled. Oldbury had taken the lead. Woodford became desperate as the whistle blew for half time before pushing on determinedly in the second half. Woodford seemed to be getting nowhere but finally Dylan Herbert got one in and the crowd went wild. Despite arguments from Oldbury as to whether the goal was allowed, due to a suspected foot-inside-the-line, the score was confirmed to be 1-1. The whistle blew.

Penalties followed, even tenser than the game. Before the last penalties 3 out of 4 penalties had been scored for both teams. Oldbury scored to make their score 4 out of 5. The crowd drew a deep breath as Woodford’s final penalty was taken, would they equalise? The shot ricocheted off the bar-a groan went up from the Woodford team. The blues had won!

Elsewhere the netball was going well but the final results were extraordinary. While for football the final results were 1st Oldbury, 2nd Woodford, 3rd Charfield, 4th Tortworth, the netball results were exactly the opposite: 1st Tortworth, 2nd Charfield, 3rd Woodford and 4th Oldbury so the end result of the day was very balanced and enjoyed by all.

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