20 Apr

  • By hleflaive

On Tuesday 19th April, Berkeley Campus had a visit from the RAF presentation team. Three serving officers arrived in the different dress of day-to-day RAF service personnel. The leader and most senior of the trio was Warrant Officer Andy Rodulson who was in his regimental ‘blues’. He was accompanied by ‘Scottie’ in aircraftsman overalls and Nick who was wearing the camouflage uniform worn in combat zones. The presentation consisted mainly of videos which looked at the different areas of the RAF; Quick Reaction Alert (QRA); Information, Surveillance, Target acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR); Logistics and Humanitarian aid. The servicemen then went on to talk about their own personal experiences with the RAF and what skills and values it had taught them. The visit finished with a brief Q&A session and then a ‘Horrible Histories’ video on the Battle of Britain which was classed by Winston Churchill as the RAF’s ‘finest hour’.

After the majority of the school had dispersed, a few members of the sixth form chatted to Andy, Scottie and Nick about a variety of topics. These ranged from how much Nick could bench-press to the capabilities of the Mini-gun that Scottie fires from helicopters! Overall it was an extremely educational and interesting experience. Thank you RAF!

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