10 Feb

  • By rnaylor

Years 3 and 4

Recently we have been learning about Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. The children were able to share information that they found for their homework and they also gathered information from reference books and the internet. They used all of this information to create some lovely ‘fact files’ about Gods and Goddesses. The children are now planning their own myth that will include a hero, a god or goddess, a quest and a beast. I’m looking forward to reading some exciting stories!

In Maths we’ve been learning about division and fractions. The year 3 children have been finding fractions of odd quantities and shapes and the year 4 children have been learning how to divide two digit numbers by a single digit number, with remainders. The year 4 children have enjoyed showing the younger children about the strategies that they’ve used. We also looked at the link between division and finding fractions of amounts.