09 Mar

  • By hleflaive

Thank you to all the students who took part in the charity day afternoon fundraising event. It was inspiring to see so many young people engaged and committed in raising vital funds for such a worthy charity. The activities that had been thought out were fun, original and with just the right amount of ‘silly’ – the perfect mix to make people dust off their wallets and spend some cash! I was very impressed by some of the students in particular and how they engaged the younger primary students and supported them in the tasks or activities. Sheldon was brilliant on his paper aeroplane stall! Bonnie was very enthusiastic on the ‘guess the weight of the sweets’, and the year 12 cupcake stall was a big hit. Yum! Anyway I think you can all be immensely proud of ‘doing your bit’ and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with for next year. A particular well done to the Year 12 and 13 students, led by Georgia, for the work you put in on organising this successful event.

Written by Mrs Stedman


For the first time this year, we compressed all of the charity fund raising events into one action-packed afternoon.  It was organised by the Prefect team, with each house taking on specific roles.  However it was so well coordinated it felt like the whole of the secondary school was working together.

Most students spent lesson 4 preparing their particular stall or activity, and by the start of lunch time delicious smells were wafting down the corridors and parents and friends were arriving to enjoy the afternoon.  Upstairs a special hot lunch had been prepared, truly delicious Nando’s-style chicken.  The girls’ cloakroom had a sweet stall, with a range of cakes for sale on the stage next door.  It is impossible to mention everything going on in the Hall, with skid-the coin the stall that I enjoyed the most.  I’m not sure if anyone won the prizes, but it was great fun!  Hot chocolate and more cakes were for sale in the foyer with other students roaming the corridors trying to sell raffle tickets (Mrs Mayon-White winning the large Easter egg!).  For many students the highlight was the inflatable ‘table football’ in the gym.  Students took their places strapped into harnesses and great fun was had trying to score when they couldn’t move far from their places!

Best of all was the atmosphere, one of friendship and cooperation, where students were supporting one another and determined to raise as much money as possible.  Altogether over £2000 was raised, with £1000 going to support the work of ‘Winston’s Wish’, a charity supporting bereaved children.

Written By Ms Nield


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