28 Nov

  • By rnaylor

On Friday 25th November, we went to the good food show at the NEC in Birmingham: Rochelle, Breanna, Ebony, Chantelle, Eden, Alberta and Connie.

We stepped into the hall and walked around the food stalls where we recognised Alannah from the Apprentice who owns a cake company. There were a variety of different stalls showcasing cheeses, brownies, cakes, fudge, flavoured oils, many different drinks and all kinds of equipment such as food processors. Many of these had people giving samples and demonstrations. On one of the cheese stands there were two very hyperactive men (despite the early start) who can be seen in the pictures below.

After the initial tour we went to watch a food lesson from Renshaws Academy, where they gave lessons on how to decorate cakes. They had all kinds of people with limited cooking experience trying to create a fruit cake, covered in marzipan, a layer of icing and a homemade gnome/pixie item on the top. The results were very amusing as the final product looked nothing like it was meant to.

As our tour around the show continued we bumped into students from the Swansea Focus school in the utensils area. We had a few pics and swapped stories of the event so far. Next was the chocolate fondue stand before once again bumping into more Focus students, this time from Newtown.

Then it was the part that we had all been waiting for; the Supertheatre. During the start of the show, we won a tea towel signed by Nadiya (the winner of the Great British Bake Of) and some Aldi oven gloves. Then Nadiya came onto the stage and started to make a salmon and rice dish with a runny egg split open over the top. It all looked very lovely and we were really impressed. She chatted away for a while about how she was one of 76 grandchildren. We learnt about how busy she was and she said that her husband has to take the kids to school and everywhere else, while she flies around doing interviews, shows, cooking and writing. In fact she has written a book that is due out in January. Finally she made a biscotti with orange cream. This is twice baked bread so it ends up hard and crunchy.

After we had some lunch, we went to the Supertheatre again for another show, this time by Paul Hollywood and specifically designed for schools. Again we were sat very close to the stage but we did not manage to win anything as there was a girl in front of us who could scream even louder! Paul demonstrated making no knead bread and threw some at the audience to taste. He also invited two people from the audience up to make some American pancakes but overall we were less impressed with this show than the previous one. This was the last part of the day before heading home.

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