28 Nov

  • By rnaylor

On Monday morning we had the Awards Assembly. This was to congratulate the students for all their hard effort they showed last year and to celebrate the achievements. At the assembly we had a guest speaker; the Man in the Orange Tie. This speaker is someone who loves the colour orange for many reasons, such as, it is energising, bright, a bold colour and memorable.

The assembly started off with an introduction from The Orange Tie Man, who spoke to us about self-belief and to change the way we look at things.

The certificates from the exams last year were then presented to last year’s Year 10, 11, 12 & 13. A big well done to all the students who put a large amount of time and effort to achieve the great results they got.

We then moved on to the Gold, Silver and DUX awards. Congratulations to Rosena, Georgia and Belinda who achieved their gold awards and Carling, Tuscany and Cassia for achieving silver. Next were the DUX awards won by Sasha, Callum and Belinda for attaining the best exam results. Finally, Roland won an award for his record breaking sporting achievement.

After the awards were presented, the Man in the Orange Tie then spoke to us for a few minutes about self-motivation and the parts of our brain that make us feel and act differently. He did several activities with the audience, one of which he had six volunteers who had to catch his orange ball and answer his questions without using the words yes or no. Congratulations to Mr Holley for winning this challenge!

The Man in the Orange Tie then stayed on and did some motivational workshops with years 11, 12 & 13.

Overall, the morning was very inspirational and motivational. Well done all!