15 Nov

  • By rnaylor

We are taking part in Anti-Bullying Week this term between Monday 14th–Friday 18th November 2016. Anti-Bullying Week helps our school to shine a spotlight on bullying and encourage all children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying throughout the year.

The theme this year is ‘Power for Good’. It is organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and they have set the following key aims:

  • To support children and young people to use their Power for Good – by understanding the ways in which they are powerful and encouraging individual and collective action to stop bullying and create the best world possible.
  • To help parents and carers to use their Power for Good – through supporting children with issues relating to bullying and working together with schools to stop bullying.
  • To encourage all teachers and support staff to use their Power for Good – by valuing the difference they can make in a child’s life, and taking individual and collective action to prevent bullying and create safe environments where children can thrive.

During Anti-Bullying Week we will:-

  • Hold an Anti-Bullying assembly in School.
  • Send our Top Tips to all students so we all know what to do if we are unhappy because of bullying or we think someone is being bullied.
  • Contact all parents with anti-bullying advice.
  • Most importantly we will be asking students to nominate their peers for our Power for Good Awards. This will give you a chance to say thank you to those students who help make schools a better place and who always stand up to bullying. The NLT will review all nominations and congratulate all students who demonstrate the “power for good”.

What can you do to support us to stop bullying and participate in Anti-Bullying Week?

  • Read the Anti-Bullying top tips for parents that is being emailed to families. Talk to your child about bullying and Anti-Bullying Week.
  • Come and talk to us! We want to hear from you what is working well, and what we could do differently to help stop bullying.
  • Discuss with your child who they should nominate for the Power for Good Awards.