Parents are encouraged to maintain a detailed interest in all aspects of their child’s education and to advise the school of any concerns they may have.  A working partnership between school and parents is highly desirable if education is to be effective. Good communication channels greatly assist in securing this aim and early communication often prevents later problems.

Parents are also expected to support the authority of the school in upholding school rules and policies. Any disciplinary action implemented in accordance with the behaviour management plan will be much more effective if it has the support of the parents. Parental support is particularly relevant in providing a positive attitude towards education and by encouraging children to complete all tasks to the best of their ability and on time.

The student planner is an important communication tool between teachers and parents. Parents should inspect it each week so that they can see how their child is progressing and then sign it. Parents need to be aware of all homework and other commitments and may use the planner to convey messages and concerns to teachers.

The school management will seek to keep parents and other interested persons informed of relevant matters via a newsletter and/or parents meetings when any will be able to air views, ask questions or offer suggestions relating to school procedure or other matters.

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