Learning Support – SEND and AGT

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) is considered to be any student who requires specialised and professional attention above and beyond the individual attention already afforded to students in the normal course of events.

Berkeley Campus has a positive policy towards all students at the school, whatever their aptitude, ability or background.  Full provision is made within the school’s capacity to cater for SEND. Our aim is that any student with a learning difficulty should be assisted in such a way as to enable them to achieve their full potential.

Fulfilment of Potential

Some students may be identified with high intellectual abilities or specific aptitudes (Able, Gifted and Talented) and therefore may benefit from extra teaching provision in order to stimulate interest and achievement. The policy at Berkeley Campus is that extra resources, where and when available, will be engaged to stimulate such students’ learning capability to its full potential. Sympathetic and trained personnel, including a qualified SENDCo, are available to provide both educational assistance and pastoral care to students who have specific difficulties or disorders which hinder their learning.

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